Ochre & Gold – handmade linen & sack cushions, orange & cinnamon candles, painted mirrors, metal candle holder and a pair of handmade Doves made of West country stone.
Rusty & Decorative – crowns, star lanterns and decorative orb.
House essentials – St Eval Candles, reclaimed wooden hooks, grain sack long feather filled cushion, mini painted mirrors and Indian marble bowls.
Festive ornaments – reclaimed hardwood painted angels, zinc bells & reindeer.
Treats & gifts – handmade Lavender filled sachets and hearts, naturally made  B skincare range, enamel & stone soap dishes. 



The Gardeners’ Home (TGH)

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10-4pm      01787 249450


We have been busy adding lots of lovely new pieces in the shop ready to embrace Autumn!   
A different layout in the shop needed to accommodate this Victorian painted pine sideboard.  Seasonal additions include candles and lanterns of course!  
Shelf display – metal crowns, mini Indian pails, galvanised jug and a handmade French style bird house.  we have one in our garden and enjoy watching the birds fly in and have a rest, particularly when the weather is frightful.
With still lots to do in the garden with have a some useful tools, birch wood labels, twine & cotton gloves, also suitable gift ideas for the season ahead!  
Continuing with the garden – this small decorative Beehive come storage looks neat in a small space or equally makes a feature in a larger garden.  All made from pressure treated recycled wood and painted with exterior wood paint.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10 – 4 pm
01787 249450
46 High Street, Lavenham, Suffolk, CO10 9PY

Hang onto Summer

DSC03152 - Edited
Perfect colour combination for the time of year – golden ochre and rustic French pottery.  The dried grass in the jug is Melica altissima atropurpurea which I grew from seed a couple of years ago and harvested fresh in July.  It got too big for the space this Summer so I tried drying it.  I like using dried botanicals to ring the natural changes with the seasons and they are a ‘greener’ choice! 
Shop shelves – a mixture of useful vessels, original Indian thali pots, vintage galvanised tall jug & watering cans.  Our handmade  rusty crowns can be be displayed with a candle inside, sitting on a decorative pot or urn with delicate trailing foliage or simply left as they are.  For display inside or out.  
Pigeon unit display – pretty pink linen cushion & vintage cotton throw.  Original marmalade pots and recycled glass vases, just in.

***We have more stock arriving soon, from our handmade cushions, small pieces of furniture, artisan decoratives for the home & garden and a fresh selection of indoor/outdoor plants.***

August Daze

How quickly the Summer flies by!  A few snaps of our garden this month, and still a lot of colour.  Surprisingly the plants stood the blustery winds in early August, I don’t think I have used some so many metal plant supports, hazel sticks and twine before!  It pays to stake your plants early.  What have you enjoyed growing this year?     
Hydrangeas have been great this year, this one is ‘Ayesha’.  Quirky spires and Buxus balls end the border.
DSC03138 - Edited
Handmade boxing Hares made from recycled metal (green paint on the front and plain rust on the back) available in the shop when they may need a home, one day….

We are open Wednesday to Saturday 10-4pm for any essentials you may require for the garden: Plant supports are back in stock (plenty of small & medium only a handful of large left), Citronella tea lights and for any plants in need of a container we have a selection of galvanised and terracotta vessels.

Views of our garden

Choose a cloudy day to trim your topiary.  Slightly damp and with no bright sun helps to prevent scorching.   
‘Mr Fox’ – the real one visits every night.  We stock two styles at TGH.
Beyond the Yew hedge it’s looking very lush, filled with Foxgloves, Euphorbia and Stachys.  The Philadelphus and Honeysuckle smell particularly good.
Rusty Poppies in the herbaceous border.  We have sold these for many years in the shop but always a difficult item to display without firm ground to stand them in.  We have ours arranged up the narrow path in the border (for now). 
Rusty metal spheres amongst the Alliums, Dahlias and hardy Geraniums.  The spheres are something else we stock in the shop.  They are shaped and  welded by hand with an aged rusty finish, they look great as a group or as punctuation marks in the garden.  We don’t grow plants over them, simply left like this they are perfect.