August Daze

How quickly the Summer flies by!  A few snaps of our garden this month, and still a lot of colour.  Surprisingly the plants stood the blustery winds in early August, I don’t think I have used some so many metal plant supports, hazel sticks and twine before!  It pays to stake your plants early.  What have you enjoyed growing this year?     
Hydrangeas have been great this year, this one is ‘Ayesha’.  Quirky spires and Buxus balls end the border.
DSC03138 - Edited
Handmade boxing Hares made from recycled metal (green paint on the front and plain rust on the back) available in the shop when they may need a home, one day….

We are open Wednesday to Saturday 10-4pm for any essentials you may require for the garden: Plant supports are back in stock (plenty of small & medium only a handful of large left), Citronella tea lights and for any plants in need of a container we have a selection of galvanised and terracotta vessels.

Views of our garden

Choose a cloudy day to trim your topiary.  Slightly damp and with no bright sun helps to prevent scorching.   
‘Mr Fox’ – the real one visits every night.  We stock two styles at TGH.
Beyond the Yew hedge it’s looking very lush, filled with Foxgloves, Euphorbia and Stachys.  The Philadelphus and Honeysuckle smell particularly good.
Rusty Poppies in the herbaceous border.  We have sold these for many years in the shop but always a difficult item to display without firm ground to stand them in.  We have ours arranged up the narrow path in the border (for now). 
Rusty metal spheres amongst the Alliums, Dahlias and hardy Geraniums.  The spheres are something else we stock in the shop.  They are shaped and  welded by hand with an aged rusty finish, they look great as a group or as punctuation marks in the garden.  We don’t grow plants over them, simply left like this they are perfect.   

Pretty nice things for Summer

DSC03112 - Edited
Summer flowers: Peonies, Roses, Marjoram, Limonium, Sage & Eucalyptus dried and made into a pretty flower ring.   
A mix of linen, metal, pottery & zinc.  The Maidenhair ferns are thriving in the shop – just a few remaining.
DSC03106 - Edited
Some of our latest editions include a vintage Indian display shelf, mini pails, a cast iron French jardiniere, a Kate Forman linen cushion, a heavy five stick candle holder and a glazed stoneware French jug.    
DSC03110 - Edited
Re-stocked with our popular hand creams, scrubs & washes made by BSkin care in Cornwall.  Our enamel and marble stone soap dishes take any sized soap bar. 



Interior styling

DSC03087 - Edited (1)
We are making some of our dried flower rings which make a lovely addition to any interior, whether looking for a that finishing touch on a wall, above a mantle or on door.  This Summer styled ring includes Roses, Marjoram, pink Rhodante, Sage & Eucalyptus.  We only use plant based material and never artificial!  Okay it won’t last a life time, but would you want it too?  Keep dried materials out of sunlight and they do keep their colour better but will inevitably fade.  If a little dusty, simply use a cool hair dryer to remove the dust.  Much better for the environment than plastic flowers!  
Shop interior – handmade purple sack cushions, handy little French shelf & St Eval candle pots ‘Geranium’ & ‘Tabac’ fragrance. 
DSC03093 - Edited
Green & Galvanised – ‘Mind your own business’                    Soleirolia soleirolii displayed in little chicken feeders.  We are often asked how to keep these plants; for indoor growing, somewhere cool and away from direct sunlight.  Rain water is best, fill a small bowl and stand the pot in, once it has stopped bubbling remove and leave to drain.  Better to under water than to over water a plant.  Allow the pot to dry out slightly between watering.  A bit of plant tonic applied to the water wouldn’t do any harm from April-September.  Alternatively you can grow outside as a ground cover, although it can be invasive so choose your spot carefully.



Home & Garden

DSC03071 - Edited
More seasonal items added this week – Fair-trade shopping baskets, mini Myrtle plants, handmade Romanian birdhouse and to finish a few sprigs of blossom from the garden (before the wind & rain blows it away!)
Lots of pots, pails, jars and tubs.  The blackened pots are Portuguese terracotta with a slightly tapered shape.  
DSC03073 - Edited
A lovely rustic chest of drawers with nice big & deep drawers ideal for any room.  

Open Wednesday – Saturday 10-4 pm