Views of our garden

Choose a cloudy day to trim your topiary.  Slightly damp and with no bright sun helps to prevent scorching.   
‘Mr Fox’ – the real one visits every night.  We stock two styles at TGH.
Beyond the Yew hedge it’s looking very lush, filled with Foxgloves, Euphorbia and Stachys.  The Philadelphus and Honeysuckle smell particularly good.
Rusty Poppies in the herbaceous border.  We have sold these for many years in the shop but always a difficult item to display without firm ground to stand them in.  We have ours arranged up the narrow path in the border (for now). 
Rusty metal spheres amongst the Alliums, Dahlias and hardy Geraniums.  The spheres are something else we stock in the shop.  They are shaped and  welded by hand with an aged rusty finish, they look great as a group or as punctuation marks in the garden.  We don’t grow plants over them, simply left like this they are perfect.