Pretty nice things for Summer

DSC03112 - Edited
Summer flowers: Peonies, Roses, Marjoram, Limonium, Sage & Eucalyptus dried and made into a pretty flower ring.   
A mix of linen, metal, pottery & zinc.  The Maidenhair ferns are thriving in the shop – just a few remaining.
DSC03106 - Edited
Some of our latest editions include a vintage Indian display shelf, mini pails, a cast iron French jardiniere, a Kate Forman linen cushion, a heavy five stick candle holder and a glazed stoneware French jug.    
DSC03110 - Edited
Re-stocked with our popular hand creams, scrubs & washes made by BSkin care in Cornwall.  Our enamel and marble stone soap dishes take any sized soap bar.