Interior styling

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We are making some of our dried flower rings which make a lovely addition to any interior, whether looking for a that finishing touch on a wall, above a mantle or on door.  This Summer styled ring includes Roses, Marjoram, pink Rhodante, Sage & Eucalyptus.  We only use plant based material and never artificial!  Okay it won’t last a life time, but would you want it too?  Keep dried materials out of sunlight and they do keep their colour better but will inevitably fade.  If a little dusty, simply use a cool hair dryer to remove the dust.  Much better for the environment than plastic flowers!  
Shop interior – handmade purple sack cushions, handy little French shelf & St Eval candle pots ‘Geranium’ & ‘Tabac’ fragrance. 
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Green & Galvanised – ‘Mind your own business’                    Soleirolia soleirolii displayed in little chicken feeders.  We are often asked how to keep these plants; for indoor growing, somewhere cool and away from direct sunlight.  Rain water is best, fill a small bowl and stand the pot in, once it has stopped bubbling remove and leave to drain.  Better to under water than to over water a plant.  Allow the pot to dry out slightly between watering.  A bit of plant tonic applied to the water wouldn’t do any harm from April-September.  Alternatively you can grow outside as a ground cover, although it can be invasive so choose your spot carefully.