Festive Rings coming soon…

We are beginning to make our handmade Festive Rings for Christmas ready for sale from Thursday 1st December. 
A few examples will soon appear on our blog.  You can choose from the following creations; Hedgerow Ring, Berries & Fruit, Pine & Cones and Hydrangea & Ivy mix.
Available in several sizes.
All our Festive Rings are unique, we select foliage which is fresh and mostly local.  Some foliage may be substituted for similar due to limited supply.  

Hedgerow Ring – Fruiting Ivy, Eucalyptus pods, Salix sticks, pheasant feathers, giant Poppies and larch cones.
Available in 40cm, 50cm & 60cm diameter.  Priced from £38.

Berries & Fruit – A full ring made of scented Bay leaves decorated with Clementines, spices and Rosehips.
Available in 30cm, 40cm, 50cm diameter.  Priced from £24.
More photographs soon to appear. 
Don’t forget if you have a your own design ideas we are happy to create something for you.