Late Spring at The Gardeners Home

As the garden season is well under way we have been busy gathering lots of lovely things for the home and garden.  Below is a quick snapshot of a few pieces.


Ivy plant, Hydrangea, rusty heart, window boxes, garden table, Linen runner, leaping hare plaque.

Painted ladder, rustic horse, old school milk bottles, French lavender, galvanised wash bowl, lavender sachets, galvanised jug, St. Eval candles, vintage glass preserving jars.  

Tin baby bath, vintage onion hoe, secateurs, flower snips, rusty woodpecker, slate memo boards, German crate.

Distressed dove in flight.

Moroccan Lantern, French crate, Saxifraga.

A beautiful specimen of The Bird of Paradise, locally grown. 
Although we do not have one of these stunning plants above we have lots of lovely plants home grown Pelargoniums which will be ready to purchase in the shop in the next 2-3 weeks.  We have been busy growing lots of other unusal plants too to fill your pots and borders – Didiscus, Lemon Bergamot, Ipomoea, Cleome, Heliotrope and more.
 Lots to look forward to!