Seasonal favourites in December

Although by now you might not be venturing out into the garden as much at this time of year, it need not be dull!
During Winter why not create an arrangement of containers and items you cherish on your terrace to enjoy close by.  Group small bulbs and plants with sweet scent; Iris reticulata, Muscari and Winter Box.  Show stoppers like Hellebores for you to view close and not be on your hands and knees to enjoy are a real treat.  And don’t forget to light lots of lanterns and tea lights too for added effect!  
We planted a mix of copper pans and bowls with Hyacinth ‘White Pearl’ and scented Narcissus ‘Abba’ for a customer’s holiday cottage to dot around the inside window sills and tables.
Staying inside for more decoration around the house, some of our large planters make a particulary nice feature on a side table displayed with these rustic birch trees.

We like this Silver Brunia mixed with festive red Ilex berries in a French galvanised jug.   

And one of our Festive door rings leaving the shop today.