A day out in Norfolk.
A day off usually consists of a nursery visit somewhere in the day and today was no exception.  A delightful little nursery in South Creake. 

Nursery display bed planted with grasses and late flowering perennials. 
After a few purchases on to Holt.
An interesting subject – bleached tree roots.
Back at the shop, we have a new range of handmade and natural hand creams and remedies made to old country recipes.  Smells good enough to eat!
Cut fresh today by Lisa from Sown & Grown.  Gorgeous Dahlias in a medley of colours.
We have a couple of nice cast iron coppers and a cast iron trough which would make sturdy planters.  Also in stock plenty of veg sacks for harvesting home produce and leaf sacks ready for fall. 
A quick move around on the shelf – Nettle and Bergamot candles, bottles vases, Robins, Platycodon, Hydrangea, Muehlenbeckia, distressed trough and a composition of a lady plaque.
A change in seasons is on the way with lots of berries, one of my favourites is the Snowberry plant seen here with Cotinus leaves.