July Flowers

It is always nice to see returning customers at the shop and I’ve had quite a few over the last few weeks.  They come from all corners and its amazing!  Of course most are gardeners or like what I sell, so we are never short of what to chat about. 
I hope you like these pictures of our garden. 
My dahlias are looking good and I’m growing Chat Noir, Ambition and Downham Royal this year.  Chat Noir is a good performer but Ambition and Downham Royal have a better vase life.  Some stunning combinations can be achieved with the dahlias if they are displayed with Dorcas, Eupatorium and fennel or Rice grass.  Lemon Bergamot and sweet peas are lovely for shorter arrangements.

A explosion of Verbena Bonariensis.
A sweet little “asparagus” jug filled with  Matucana sweet peas – the best scent I think.

 Our shady court yard is home to some hostas and the stunning hydrangea aspera now in full bloom.

A tied sheaf of two dozen Avalanche roses, eucalyptus and rosemary for remembrance.
I had several tributes to make for a local lady who lived in the village.  Her flowers looked wonderful and all the family arrangements complimented one another beautifully.