A busy end to June

 The vegetable plot has appreciated the warmer weather of June, and the crop of broad beans are growing well with hardly any sign of the pest of black fly.  A quick blast of the hose soon puts paid to them! Cut and come again lettuce has been superb and tasty – providing sweet and succulent leaves for us all.  The two potatoes varieties (International Kidney and Charlotte) are almost ready and there is nothing to beat home-grown potatoes on the plate. 
An early summer wedding using roses, peonies and gypsophila. Absolutely wonderful and a joy to arrange and work with.  My local grower provided the alchemilla, bupleurum, apple mint and ammi majus but I used huge amounts of green foliage.  The little arrangements at each end of the church  pews worked out a treat and looked so pretty.

I used very tall cocktail vases at the reception and they displayed the blooms to perfection.
My garden in the early evening where occasionally I can relax on the old stone bench after a long day.  A long awaited plant of Miss Wilmott’s ghost! Up until this year it has refused to perform for me then suddenly it has grown in a really dry and sunny patch – certainly worth waiting for.  Below this is a gorgeous bowl of heliotrope “Marine” which perfumes the terrace and I can’t understand why it is not more widely grown
 Finally, for this month I had the pleasure of arranging a Golden Anniversary basket of delphinium, phlox, roses, cornflower, peonies, veronica, alchemilla and foliage.