Early June in the Shop and Garden

When I wasn’t so busy between customers, I put together this large ring using dried peonies, roses and larkspur.  Finished with a big linen bow, it looks very country and perfect for a bedroom or over a mantle.  I like to keep a one or two similar to this in the shop as they continue to be very popular.

White hydrangeas always look good and equally stunning – this one is in “antique” Kew Botanic pot. A lovely present for someone and I have just received the bowl below – will look fabulous inside or out planted with your favourite plants.

Sedum, sempervivum and echeveria are all selling well during this sunny weather.

 A quick snap shot of clematis Viticella “Black  Prince” which looks perfect teamed with Rosa Glauca already showing a few hips!

This combination never fails – pelargonium “Capitatum”, pelargonium regal “Lord Bute” and burgundy petunia.