May in the Garden

A wander through the garden today reveals new blooms and planting combinations.  The lovely Moss Rose ‘William Lobb’ and generous drifts of Alliums all abuzz with bees.  Nectaroscordums tower above all the lush growth and add another dimension to admire. 
We have repositioned the curved stone bench to this part of the garden so we have a shady place to sit when the weather warms up, as well as getting a different view-point.
The large terracotta pots on the terrace have just now been planted with a summer display of Lord Bute (pelargonium), chocolate Cosmos, Ipomoea (Blacky), Argyranthemum and Verbena so they should all look good later on.
The small courtyard looks fresh and calm with lots of Hosta and evergreen planting of Euonymus,
Buxus and Mahonia.  The Hydrangea (Aspera Macrophylla) looks promising for late summer flowers of blue/mauve lace-cap blooms.

And lastly the these beauties which are grown on a Peony farm only a few miles away from home.  Enjoy!